Sakae Naa is a tree of the family Combretaceae, growing wildly in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, Sakae Naa is also used as a Kratom substitute because its effects are remarkably similar to it.

- it is energizing, stimulating and mildly sedating, where the effect lasts up to 4 hours. However, Sakae Naa is less potent than Mitragyna speciosa, thus it is offered in this extracted form.The leaves of the Sakae Naa tree have stimulating, energizing and motivating effects. In Southeast Asia, Sakae Naa is sometimes used as a Kratom substitute. This extract is 100 times more concentrated than shredded Sakae Naa leaves.

Sakae Naa 100:1 Extract (Combretum Quadrangulare) 1GM

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