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add to your mixes or drink as tea

There are numerous other species of fungi that contain psychoactive compounds. One of the most intriguing of the ‘apocryphal’ species is  part of a symbiotic lichen called Parmotrema menyamyaense or ‘Rock Blooms’, as they are found growing on rocks in the Arctic



I just love the taste of these very unusual and yes a different experience and quite trippy. 



A trip report from a difficult to obtain article ‘’Stoned on Stones’’ on the Vice blog makes for an interesting subjective report. It is, however, one of the only examples of journalism reflecting the existence of this new known psychoactive:


“It was the most intense hallucinogenic experience that I’ve ever had, and I’ve done every trip there is,” says Icelandic writer Smari Einarsson. “DMT, peyote… you name it. We have these magic mushrooms here that grow wild. I’ve eaten those more times than I can count. They cannot even come close to the effect of these rocks.


It is actually the lichen that lives on the rocks that gets you off.


 Tea drinkers - 1gms rocks enough for 2-3 of cups

You take a few stones, boil them in a pot of water, strain it all through a colander, and drink it down like tea. Some people add ginger and honey, but it supposedly has a nice taste undiluted. It’s very earthy.


Icelandic Rock blooms 1gm makes 2-3 cups of teas LUCID DREAMS or smoke

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