Organic Pau D' Arco Bark

what a punch UNbelievable when added to herbs and spice mixes

 smoked alone it tastes aweful to mix in with other herbs



options available


My Experience : I was wanting to smoke one of my mixes and thought I'll just add this Pau. to the top and see how we go.


OMG was quite a rush the Pau bark tasted terrible but when the flame hit the herbs it was quite full on a trip kind of experience that I lost time. My body was very wobbling and I wasnt well co ordinated at getting my shoes back on. I sat for a minute and didnt remember what day it was, what time it was, nothing was quite an impact for me.



lbeing789 wrote:


was so surprised by pau darco, tried it in a dagger blend with jungle and it was incredibly fast onset and had a very quick vibe, felt very different and I kept on getting shock waves of energy passing through everything like explosions, also reality was stranger than ever, very blissful powerful warm feeling in my head, and all this on a very small amount, got fear onset as it was so intense.

Great description, amazing isnt it! Keep at it, its very expansive.

Large doses of pau darco are fucking unbelievable.

Organic Pau D' Arco Bark smoke 5gms Surprised

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