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Beautiful herb tastes wonderful and great feeling


A member of the compositae (sunflower) family Tagetes Lucida is a psychoactive strain of the marigold flower.
Along with being used as a fragrant tea, yellow die and a food ingredient – Tagetes Lucida is also regarded as an important Entheogen herb in Shamanic practices of Aztecs as well as in India and Tibet.

Among many of it’s constituents Tagetes L. is said to contain a chemical similar to Salvinorin-A (of the Diviner’s Sage fame)

Tagetes lucida has been found to cause Alertness, Lucidity, a feeling of Well-being and a warming sensation.


It is regarded as an aphrodisiac in several cultures.


Tagetes Lucida may induce clarity and enhance euphoria when combined with "pot" and /or tobacco – by simply adding the dry extract into the smoking mixes.


Prepared as a strong tea, Tagetes Lucida may produce sedation, mild closed-eye visuals and meditative /reflective states.

Such tea is also used traditionally to calm upset stomachs, soothe nerves, and treat hangovers.

This herb was used traditionally to treat stomach pains and abdominal cramps as well as insanity and people struck by lightning.


Tagetes lucida is a Dream-Enhancer and is an excellent companion to other dreaming herbs, particularly Calea zacatechichi, as a smoke or as a tea –for better Dream recall, and Lucid-prophetic-meaningful dreams.


Tagetes Lucida makes a nice natural smoke conducive to meditation, yoga and spiritual practices.



A very mysterious herb that soothes & smoothes, carrying inspirations & inner journeys ...

The Aztecs called this plant "Yauhtli" or the "cloud herb".
For them, the Tagetes Lucida was closely related to Tlaloc, god of the rain. Powdered, it was used as incense to be forgiven of the god Tlaloc.

The Zapotecs used Tagetes Lucida as a primary herb in purifying rituals. 

The plant is also very popular among the Tarahumara Indians of Chihuahua and is used by modern Huichol Indians in their Peyote rituals.

Mexican Tarragon is a spiritual boost when added to any herbal preparation.

Smoked, Mexican tarragon is said to improve visions with eyes closed.

As a Tea, it brings a relaxing and euphoric effect, sweet and deep.

Its very sweet taste reminiscent of anise makes its consumption very pleasant.

It would also have the reputation of causing deeper dreams, or the Dream Body is light and flies away easily. The Tagetes Lucida opens a door to Lucidity during Dreams ....

The botanical name Tagetes is in reference to a Roman deity, Tages who, no doubt, was originally an Etruscan god of prophecy. The name of the species lucidus means "brilliant" or "light".

Many properties are attributed to this plant, known as 'Yauhtli'.

Its leaves constituted an important aroma and  effect-optimizer in the "Xocoalt", the Aztec's cocoa-based drink.

An infusion of Tagetes Lucida have, among other things, the particularity of relieving hangover. It also has diuretic properties as well as the ability to relieve stomach upset. 

 Mexican tarragon, a sunflower family plant, is well known by locals in Mexico and Guatemala as a substitute for tarragon and is traditionally used as a relaxing and euphoric tea,

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