One Hitter Pipe

Material : High Quality Natural Wood & Glass

Length : 68 MM / 2.64 Inches

The Diameter of Glass Bowl : 8 MM / 0.31 Inches

Color : Natural Color

Net Weight : 9 g / pc


Design : Natural & Handmade

Feature :

  • REUSABLE HOLDERS: Each glass holder is reusable and easy to clean using regular household cleaners like rubbing alcohol. Use them as many times as you like and enhance your smoking experience over and over again.
  • can use to hold joynts
  • EASY TO USE: Simply place herbs in the long part of the tube, light it up and inhale from the mouthpiece on the other end. When done, it’s easy to clean and store away.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Each LeafMan Glass Cigarette Filter Holder is expertly crafted of thick, high-quality glass, allowing for smooth, full hits that are easy to inhale without burning your lips or fingers.

LeafMan Glass & Wood Pipe Easy Clean. Smooth.

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