Indian Warrior (Pedicularis Densiflora) Wildcrafted Flower Buds


3 flower buds


This plant is commonly referred to as Indian Warrior, and actually produces buds like those of plants in the Cannabaceae family ( hops and cannabis ). Indian Warrior's scientific name is Pedicularis densiflora.


The plant has been used by Native Americans for it's medicinal and psychoactive properties.

The medicinal effects sought after by Native Americans were the muscle relaxant properties that it produces. This partciular strain is the most potent of the Pedicularis species.

The effects are sedative and tranquilizing and it is also useful for insomnia and nerve pain. The buds are of a magenta color.



Effects: mild Euphoria, Mood Lift, sedating on the nerves,

blissful on the mind. very relaxing


Experience Report


I noticed calming effects and an observable muscle relaxation all over my body. Tension seemed to fade into a total state of comfort.

I can see how it may be useful as an aid for falling asleep at night,

aka for insomnia.

I've also found it a great thing for calming the mind. I've taken in many different forms

Indian Warrior (Pedicularis Densiflora) Wildcrafted Flower Buds

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