Pack of 10 pieces - 5 NIGHTS....




What a difference these make..I had heaps more eneregy the next day

Easy to get rid of toxins just use each week or nightly 


INCREASE SLEEP QUALITY- lower cortisol levels and reduce stress, lose weight, and improve overall health. Relief muscle tension, promote healthy circulation, and boost your immune system.



  • PREMIUM NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Avoid using harsh chemicals to relieve foot pain and sleep better
  • RELIEVE PAIN & SLEEP BETTER: Treat yourself with the ginseng foot pads that allow you to alleviate all of your discomforts, and enjoy a good night's sleep.
  • STAY ACTIVE & FEEL HEALTHY: These foot pads are designed to naturally heal your feet without any pain, so you can stay active and maintain good health. 



  • Natural Ingredients: Bamboo Vinegar, Chitosan, Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Negative Ion Powder.
  • Size:60mm x 80mm (L x W)

 Benefits from Footpads: 

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Metabolic health & wellness
  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Relief from muscle tension & physical discomfort
  • Supports healthy immune system
  • Supports healthy skin


 Instructions For Use: 

1. Clean feet with warm water and dry
2. Peel off film from adhesive sheet
3. Place foot pad on center of adhesive sheet
4. Attach the foot pad onto foot
5. Leave on for 8 hours
6. Remove residue from feet afterwards


DETOX Easy Pack x 10 apply at night. Cleanse More Energy

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