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Uplifting!!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVEN WITH JUST THE XEUPHORIC HERBS.. creative energized higher levelMaybe the closest I have made to MJ similar  high will have to xperience it for yourself

Xherbs XEuphoric or xXStrong

you will have to xperience it for yourself


Xherbs xeuphoric or xstrong




Radula oil


 wild dagga 


Tagetes erecta

Tagetes Lucinda leaf and powder

Catnip Cats weed

Clary Sage






Wild dagga is commonly referred to as ‘wild cannabis’. This is because this plant has very similar effects to those experienced when using cannabis. 


Calming and sedating sensations are felt when the flowers are consumed as a tea, while euphoric reactions occur when the flowers are smoked. 


South African tribes have traditionally smoked wild dagga flowers and leaves for its euphoric effect. 


It is not only South Africans that have long appreciated the benefits of wild dagga, as this plant features strongly in Chinese and Vietnamese culture for its euphoric effects.



Wild dagga smokers report mood enhancement, slight giddiness, increased colour perception and mental clarity


If enough Wild dagger flowers are smoked, mild visual hallucinations may also occur.  All these effects are associated with smoking the flowers.  It is possible to gain similar effects by smoking the leaves, but a much larger quantity is needed. 


Although this plant is appealing for its euphoric effects,

it also has great value for its calming properties.


The Wild dagga flowers can be brewed into a tea and consumed to experience

the plants relaxing and soothing effects.


The properties of Wild dagger flowers make this plant a appealing

legal alternative to cannabis. 


The fact that this plant has been traditionally used for such a long time is

testament to its amazing properties.


If looking for a natural high, wild dagga flowers are considered versatile because they can be smoked independently for its own euphoric effects or combined without other herbs to create variations in euphoria and exuberance. 


In essence, wild dagga flowers make an excellent herbal catalyst to enhance

the effects of other products in a herbal blend.




This Sacred Plant from the Lamiaceae (mint) family is native to tropical Africa and Southern India.


It’s beautiful flowers are traditionally smoked or consumed as a tea,

inducing calming, sedating & euphorizing sensations according to traditional beliefs.


In the Dream World , Wild  Dagga also have the good reputation to emphasis positive dreams and tends to make them more lucid...

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