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In general, when looking at Akuamma vs. kratom, both of these plants are said to provide natural stimulation and temporary relief from discomfort. 


The main difference between Akuamma vs. kratom—as observed by users—is that kratom’s effects appear to be much stronger and longer-lasting than those of Akuamma. For these reasons, if kratom is illegal in your country or state, Akuamma could be a useful kratom alternative.





One of the positive effects that are caused by Akuamma seeds includes sedation. For all those who are suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia and nightmares, akuamma seeds have proved fruitful as it has the sedative activity.


Once taken before sleeping, it gives the best and most peaceful sleep. According to users, the calming effects appear within an hour, and the seeds have helped users with anxiety, pain, and stress to achieve peaceful sleep.


Produces a sense of relaxation

These seeds are known for reducing stress levels and providing an overall sense of well-being. The seeds have helped many users who face panic attacks and anxiety. When this drug is taken, it helps in relaxing the mental state and produces calmness.



Primary Alkaloids


The most abundant alkaloid in Akuamma is akuammine, which is thought to play a role in the plant’s pain-killing effects at both the local and general levels.


Other notable alkaloids in the plant and their effects include:

Akuammidine—local and general (skeletal) analgesic, hypotensiveAkuammicine—acts on the kappa-opioid receptorsAkuammigine—protective against the effects of adrenalinePseudo-akuammigine—supports the parasympathetic nervous system, anti-inflammatory, hypotensivePericine—binds to mu-opioid receptorsAlstonine—antipsychotic

Comparing Akuamma vs. kratom, we can see that they contain completely different alkaloids. However, the structure and behavior of those alkaloids in some cases seem to be similar.




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