Shanin Herb The Flying Hullucinogenic

In the Highland of Ecuador, Shanin (Petunia violacea) was reportedly utilized as an entheogen.

Indians of Ecuador report feelings of levitation and soaring through the air.

Chemical investigations have been unable to determine it's active principle. Novel diterpenes were found in the closely related Petunia patagonica and several ketones are known to occur in the genus.


Our shanin was organically grown in Argentina.

TRADITIONAL PREPARATION: The plant is generally dried and then smoked. Resins have also recently become available, and are said to create a very spiritual and uplifting experience.

TRADITIONAL EFFECTS This type of psychotropic experience is often attributed to tropane alkaloids. However, so far, studies have not been able to identify the presence of any alkaloids in any part of P. violacea (Butler et al. 1981). This species has been found to strongly inhibit human plasma AChE (Voogelbreinder 2009, 271).

In the related Petunia patagonica, new diterpenes have been found, and it may be possible that these are present in P. violacea as well. Diterpenes are not alkaloids, but are rather non-nitrogenous substances made up of four isoprene groups. They often regulate plant growth or provide a sweet taste. Some are psychoactive, a prime example being salvinorin A. Ketones have also been found in various species of Petunia (Guerreiro 1984).

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