Guayusa dubbed the SuperLeaf. Energizing, Weight loss, Simply delicious

Updated: Sep 27, 2018


What is guayusa?

GUAYUSA (gwhy-you-sa) is a rare, naturally caffeinated herbal infusion produced from the leaves of a holly tree native to the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.

Guayusa has been part of Amazonian culture and cultivation for over 2000 years, treasured for its unique balance of caffeine, antioxidants, vitamins, amino acids*, and its energizing effect that is similar to that of coffee and yerba mate.

Guayusa is grown on small family farms and hand-picked by local farmers from the rich soil under the canopy of the Amazon Rainforest. It serves to not only make a difference in the lives of Ecuadorians through income generation, but also helps conserve the rainforest.

Unlike coffee or other energy drinks, guayusa provides balanced energy without the jitters or the sudden crash commonly associated with caffeinated drinks. Its catechins provide a slow release of caffeine for awake and sustainable energy.

Guayusa is naturally smooth and never bitter, with a rich and earthy aroma and slightly sweet finish.

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