Lagochilus inebrians (Labiatae), also called Turkistan Mint, has been used for its uniquely relaxing properties by Tajik, Tartar, Turkoman, and Uzbek tribesman since before recorded history.

Inebriating Mint, also known as Lagochilus inebrians (Labiatae) has been used for its intoxicating, tranquilizing, and sedative properties by Tajik, Tartar, Turkman, and Uzbek tribesmen and shamans. The herb gives a mildly hullucinogenic experience

The herb is medicinally useful to help counter hypertension or high blood pressure as well as nervous disorders. Inebriating Mint is a good source of Vitamin K and has effective blood-clotting properties.

This extract is exceptional to take after a stressful day on the job or after a hard day’s workout. Taken before bedtime, the herb promotes very calm and relaxed sleep and incites deep, vivid dreams and can help experience lucid dreaming. If precognitive, it can help receive omens in dreams (enhance prophetic dreams).

There's been a crystalline compound isolated from the plant and named lagochiline. This is a very "stemmy" plant, but the entire plant is active, and grinding the material in a coffee grinder when making it into a pleasant incense or smoke can help release and intensify the effects of this ancient plant.

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