Guayusa (ilex guayusa) is a plant native to the rainforest in Ecuador, traditionally cultivated and harvested by the Kichwa and Jivaro tribes, who dry the leaves and brew them into an energy drink.

Guayusa is now becoming popular world wide as a caffeinated herbal tea with a reputation for inducing lucid dreams.

Guayusa is a type of holly, and a relative to yerba mate (but with fuller flavor and no bitterness).

Unlike yerba mate, guayusa doesn't have any bitter notes. It is grassy and rich with a gentle sweet flavor.

Guayusa also has slight fruity flavors and a creamy texture.











Caffeine - One heaping teaspoon of loose guayusa tea contains about 70-90 mg of caffeine,

putting guayusa between black tea and coffee in caffeine content.

Theobromine (found in chocolate) is a heart stimulant, and lowers blood pressure by dilating your blood vessels.

L-Theanine (found in green tea) moderates the effects of caffeine, letting you have the energy and focus

but without the spikes and jitters.


(One important ingredient of tea and yerba mate that is not found in guayusa is theophylline,

a stimulant that raises your blood pressure, the opposite effect of theobromine.)






Calm Energy (and Lucid Dreams)

It's the combination of caffeine and L-theanine that lets guayusa give you alertness without the shakes - relaxed focus, calm energy.

This same quality is behind guayusa's reputation as an inducer of lucid dreams.


You can watch a growing tribe of YouTubers describing guayusa's dream powers.

Better yet why not become one of the  Guayua Tribe yourself and enjoy a delicious cup of Guayusa tea. 

It also wonderful to know also that the growers , those who collect the leaves and the sellers who distribute receive money for their leaves as Western Societies become aware of their "SuperLeaf" .  

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