Green Leaf was formed in 2018 when I discovered the world of shamanic herbs and practices.  I started to read many books about herbs used by our Ancestors as well as Discovering psychedelic herbs.  

This lead me to reading about DMT cannabinoids  natural opiates  Lsd Peyote and anything to do with altered states of consciousness induced by herbs.

Searching the net and around the world I discovered many hallucinogenic plants used by our Ancestors more than 200 years ago in rituals and ceremonies used by the Native American Indians as well as Amazon Tribes. And about the Shamans and their connection with all life and Nature.

I read more about Shamanism and books on hallucinogenic herbs like peyote used by the Indians. Found in a prickly cactus out in the deserts.

San Pedro and White Torch are the two famous ones.

Our Ancestors took Psychedelics to Discover themselves and to help their people/tribe to work as one.

I wanted to create a store for customers to Xplore other Realms of conciousness through smoking natural herbs and enhancing them with xherbs.

Many of the herbs used are shamanic from the Amazon jungles and other countries like mexico Columbia Thailand Uk and USA.

The Amazons have used ayahuasca for 100s of years and so many people who have used it have healed themselves emotionally and spiritually with no harm to others with only the intention of Discovering More.

In store we have many psychedelic herbs for customers to try in their own home.

I just don't understand why We as a People/Tribe can't be free to try these plants to Discovery Our self?

Changes are happening this century

Legalizing cbd hemp in some countries

Legalizing mushrooms and other psychedelics

Brazil has now made a move to give all the jail inmates Ayahuasca... Wow

After many hours of searching the net I find new herbal discoveries like Radula and Rock Blooms.I purchase herbs and powders from around the World and combine them by hand to create Unique Rare and Exotic Psychedelic Herbal Smoking Mixes.

Our Mixes are Xclusive to our online store and we use Organic and wildcrafted

and we use many of these herbs as listed as well as herbal powders and oils 

Various plants are used around the world for smoking due to various chemical compounds they contain and the effects of these chemicals on the human body.


This list contains plants that are smoked, 

Enjoy your Xperience....